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Mission Statement

ReviewVictoria was created to provide a review system of experiences that are possible in Victoria, Canada, to better inform visitors and residents alike on the best local Restaurants, bars, cafes and activities.

About Victoria

Victoria is a beautiful city nestled on the southern tip of Vancouver Island on the west coast of Canada. Blending British and Canadian cultures into a picturesque and friendly city, Victoria has a great deal of history. It was an important home for the Native Americans long before being a sparkle in the eye of the British empire and has always been a place of natural beauty. Like most of the pacific northwest there are gorgeous forests, lakes, mountains and coastline, boasting a plethora of native animals and flora.

About Me

“Why should I care what you think?”

I’m an honest person, trying to provide information that will help someone to experience the best the city of Victoria has to offer. I have no affiliations with any businesses in the blog. I am not from Victoria originally, or even Canada, so I’d like to think my opinions are somewhat unbiased (except when reviewing somewhere that completes me, then it’ll be pretty biased, but in a good way).

“Why make a blog about the place you live?”

I like to try new things and have new experiences. I’ve found information pretty lacking when researching new things to do and see in Victoria. This is my motivation. I want people who live here, as well as visitors, to experience more based on experiences instead of just links forwarding them to the website of a company (although that will happen for more info).

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