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We have a few good Mexican food places in Victoria, but Tacofino is still my favourite.  I’ll try to review some of the others too though!  Tacofino is a Vancouver Island institution.  They started in Tofino, on the west coast of the island, in a food truck.  Since then they’ve opened multiple locations.  I recently went to their original location in Tofino which was still great, and was cool to see their origins, but the food in the Victoria location is better.

I think I’ve tried every Taco and Burrito they have on offer and they’re all yummy.  The staff are always friendly and welcoming, with great service.  Their menu is clear and concise, and has the taxes already in the prices (amazing!).  The restaurant isn’t huge and is always busy, so eating in can be a test sometimes, so I usually end up taking to go, as they pack things nicely! 

If you love tacos and burritos, please give this place a try!  They also serve beer if you want a nice pint with your food! 

Website:  https://www.tacofino.com/location/victoria-taco-bar

Tips:  You can call ahead for your order to save waiting longer.  Their Burritos are huge and very filling!


  • 11am – 11pm every day!

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