Royal BC Museum

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While the Royal BC Museum is no British Museum, or Smithsonian, it is however a really well managed and fun museum.  When I first came to Canada knowing nothing of First Nations/Canadian history, I found the museum to be extremely informative.  The museum has a nice flow to it, starting from native history, moving through to modern day.  The exhibits are beautiful and well presented, and you get a real sense of walking through the history of the west coast of Canada as you progress.  I particularly enjoy the old town and the natural history sections.  

The museum is a perfect rainy day attraction, and is still worth taking a few hours out of your day for too.  They change one of their main exhibits regularly, so they’re always changing too.  They also host some interesting lectures and events that are open to the public too.  Their Halloween nights are especially entertaining and highly recommended.  

The cost is a little pricey, but I think it is worth it for the quality of the experience.  This attraction is fun for all the family, no matter the age.  They also have a really nice IMAX theatre to see some amazing documentaries from around the world.


Tips:  They occasionally do entrance by donation weeks in low season, and their IMAX shows recently released movies too that look amazing on the huge screen.


  • 10am – 5pm every day

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